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The Month That Binds

Sports and Music. Kareem Abdul Jabar and Curtis Mayfield. What do they have in common? JANUARY 21, 2015 POSTED IN ABBES SPARKS FOR RFPALOOZA In Any Given Month… Cause Marketing Awareness months offer marketers and PR practitioner’s a huge business opportunity to boost sales. They have become a powerful marketing tool. Here’s how it works. Cause marketers […]

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RFPalooza to Debut Abbe’s Sparks New Weekly Blog Post

RFPalooza will debut Abbe’s Sparks new weekly blog post in its Newsroom on Wednesday, September 17, 2014.   The Newsroom features the latest developments in Tech Innovation + New Biz Curated Especially for Small + Medium-Sized Agencies.  Stay tuned til tomorrow.

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Dan Rather says public relations should be for public interest

Dan Rather urged PR professionals to recommit to working on behalf of the public’s best interest.

When public relations operates at its best, it is helping more than a client or corporation — it is helping the general public, said Rather, the keynote speaker during the PRSA New York Chapter’s 25th annual Big Apple Awards last night.

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Mobile Marketing By The Numbers

Mobile Marketing By the Numbers. The number of Americans who own smartphones rocketed past the number who own basic mobile phones this year, and marketers have been expanding their mobile budgets at a similarly rapid rate.