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The Month That Binds

Sports and Music. Kareem Abdul Jabar and Curtis Mayfield. What do they have in common? JANUARY 21, 2015 POSTED IN ABBES SPARKS FOR RFPALOOZA In Any Given Month… Cause Marketing Awareness months offer marketers and PR practitioner’s a huge business opportunity to boost sales. They have become a powerful marketing tool. Here’s how it works. Cause marketers […]

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World Premiere – All Things Mayfield Revue

SPARKS Highly Recomended Event: World Premiere – All Things Mayfield Revue Hosted by Lynn Orman Weiss WHAT:”All Things Mayfield Revue” , a new production of music by Curtis Mayfield from Reginald Torian, Sr.  The concert is filled with the songs from the Curtis Mayfield songbook as well as fresh new songs and fresh new soul and […]