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Abbe Sparks Media – Social Media and Content Development

The ever changing digital landscape calls for the continued evolution of social media marketing and as such, has demanded a re-prioritization of our clients’ integrated marketing campaigns.  We have answered that call with the reincarnation of Abbe Sparks Media, focusing on social media marketing, social media management, content development and curation.


Abbe Sparks Media and FaceBooth.TV

Abbe Sparks Media has created a strategic alliance with FaceBooth.TV and founder Ramsey Gouda to further address our clients’ needs in the social media arena. FaceBooth.TV  is a real-time social media broadcasting platform that leverages the ever-growing social media networks’ reach  for maximum marketing impact.  Offering location based, real-time, on-site delivery of branded pictures and videos to FaceBook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest, the broadcasting platform uses portable high definition touch screen technology that enables the videos to be embedded with an event/sponsor-branded look and live link to client web site, fan page, and/or YouTube channel.  Videos are saved in database for various applications including post-event branding and additional marketing opportunities.  We are thrilled to add this service to our social media marketing mix!

Media Relations and PR

Abbe Sparks Media Relations creates strategically targeted public relations plans to ensure that clients are obtaining the media attention they deserve.  Our comprehensive PR plans encompass media outreach to traditional, national and regional electronic, print, and online media outlets as well as to digital media and social networks.  Creating viral campaigns for our clients initiatives is another key element in our customized public relations and marketing mix.

Using our vast network and client base, Abbe Sparks Media Relations partners clients with appropriate events and marketing opportunities to effectively spread news about clients’ work, products and causes. Cross-promotion is a key tool for us in achieving our clients’ goals, whether on a national or a local market grass-roots level.


Product Launches

Abbe Sparks has been involved in some of the most exciting product launches in the nation. She has an extensive understanding of where, when and how to develop messaging and position a product to maximize its impact on the media stage. Her expertise in strategic launch promotion gives her the breadth of knowledge and experience to counsel your company on which tactics will be most successful for your company’s launch, from celebrity involvement to cause marketing to employing a grassroots approach. Her mandate is to deliver an exciting, high impact media experience that reaches across the entire spectrum, from print to broadcast to the Internet to the blogosphere, garnering your event the broadest audience possible.


Sponsorship, In-Kind & Fundraising Programs

Sponsorships and In-Kind Donations can provide companies, entertainment, arts and non-profit organizations with a strategic opportunity to reach new audiences as well as demonstrate support for existing customers, subscribers, donors and constituencies. Leveraging these opportunities requires a delicate balance between meeting a company’s corporate goals or a nonprofit’s fundraising goals and those of the sponsored or fundraising event. Abbe Sparks will work with your company to customize a  program for each sponsorship or fundraiser event that generates broad media and public awareness or reaches a small target audience, as appropriate for your company’s participation in the event.


Cause Marketing, Social Media and Special Events

Partnering is a huge proponent of Abbe Sparks work.  Known as “miss-connected” in most circles, Abbe Sparks personally connects for-profit with non-profit to create the perfect union in promoting a client’s cause or product.

Whether managing a large-scale product launch, a charity fundraising event, a speaker’s bureau tour or a grass-roots community event, Abbe Sparks will effectively make your story news through digital and social media campaigns or through traditional media outreach, generating widespread coverage with top media outlets, social networks and blogs throughout the country and heightened awareness within the targeted audiences, which ultimately will drive sales and/or fundraising dollars.

From VIP reception for your organization/company’s product launch or cause, to a small intimate fundraising dinner, to a full-scale black-tie gala complete with entertainment, dinner, auction and more! Abbe Sparks Media Group will plan and produce the appropriate event that will maximize your objectives in the most-cost effective fashion.