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Digital Luxury is a Diamond Gal’s Best Friend

Sitting in the Lap of Digital Luxury – A Jewelers Tale

Luxury brands and their customers are a very discriminating and exclusive breed. In the ever-changing digital world, effective luxury marketers  need  to be on top of their technology game as well as consumer trends across all generations, especially in the high-end private jewelry industry.

Luxury goods marketers are going digital!


For successful independent private jewelers, the digital age and social media marketing have opened up a whole new diamond star-studded world! For the top luxury jewelry brands and retail stores, traditional marketing avenues still are heavily prevalent but are now coupled with social media marketing and e-commerce. The successful independent luxury brand jewelers, who have always relied on word of mouth marketing and referrals for their clientele, the digital age has brought new opportunities.

According to a recent article by Luxury Daily: 61% of all affluent consumers said technology had allowed them to make more purchases, while 65% said it was changing the way they shop with luxury brands. For a private brand, these stats are very telling in their favor. Based on my queries plus my own past client experience, it’s very common for a client to scour the internet, visit several jewelry stores, thumb through many magazine ads before they come to a private jeweler to purchase a gem and create their own bauble.

Take it from Diamond Deb, Digital Drives Diamonds.


Private jeweler Conrad London Jewels, LTD. founder Debra Lynn Harris, a/k/a Diamond Deb, is one private luxury brand that has capitalized with the digitization of marketing.

Founded in 1978, Diamond Deb and her company have the diamond blueprint for keeping up with the evolving times and turning customers into happy repeat buyers. Word of mouth marketing and referrals have always been Diamond Deb’s best method of securing clients across the globe. Social media has definitely played a huge role in reinforcing the WOM messaging and reputation of Conrad London Jewel’s inventory, quality and supreme customer service. Yet, Diamond Deb, herself, explains that “It’s truly a referral-based business – it was in 1978, and remains so today.”

Facebook has been a real game-changer for Conrad London Jewels


It definitely helps if your independent luxury brand client is visible in the public’s eye, especially when referrals are key. Diamond Deb is a people person and applies her personal passions to her business networking. On a recent out of state travel to attend a music concert, she connected with a famous headlining musician who in turn, purchased an engagement ring through her. In fact, today, she is in Colorado to meet with same client, who is purchasing a few more gems for his now wife.

Social media channels and new tech tools play a key role in today’s contemporary luxury marketing world, especially during gifting holidays like Mother’s Day. “Facebook has definitely increased my sales in the past few years; it truly has paid off,” says Debra Lynn Harris.

Don’t let the market pass you by. Go digital!


How do private luxury brands compete against the big stores? Easily. Significantly less overhead is the secret to being able to charge a customer a fraction of what the luxury retailers would. “Every savings is passed on to my client, while providing exceptional quality and service,” says Diamond Deb.

As the younger generations grow into affluent consumers. luxury marketers will be increasingly utilizing digital and social media to connect their products with the right consumers. So marketers – make sure to keep your brands in the lap of digital luxury! Have a marvelous Monday. as


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Thoughtfully Fashionable Gifts That Transform Lives at Home and Abroad in One Click!

Thoughtfully Fashionable Gifts That Transform Lives at Home and Abroad in One Click: ‘Tis the Season of Shopping for a Change!

San Mateo, California (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

This time of year, discriminating shoppers oftentimes find their search for personal gifts to be daunting and overwhelming. Gift givers spend hours on end looking for items that have personal meaning for their loved ones, friends, business associates and the like. To help shoppers’ ease their gift decision angst, an upstart web-based shopping site offers an ideal solution for thoughtful and fashionable gifts that simultaneously transform lives abroad and at home in the United States. At Shopping for a Change® (SFAC), consumers can find beautiful fair trade jewelry, accessories and home décor handmade by artisans in impoverished countries that look good, feel good and do good all in one click of the mouse. Impacting change around the world, the 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization serves as a portal for artisans in impoverished countries to sell their fair trade handmade products, while helping their communities, their families and U.S. nonprofit organizations. Net proceeds are split equally between funding an annual community improvement project abroad in the areas of education, health and clean water and aiding a U.S.-based nonprofit organization of the web shopper’s choosing from SFAC’s partner list.

Trending with Celebrities and Bloggers

Trendhunter Magazine featured Shopping for a Change in its August 15, 2012 blog “Ethical Artisan-Empowering Organizations” and, the organization, which qualified to be on the Great Nonprofits 2012 list for Social Justice is expected to make that list on November 15th.

The handmade products showcased on the internet shopping site are in hot demand, too, and are on the radar of many celebrities and bloggers: Gayle King, Deidre Hall, Brook Shields and Maya Rudolph are all sporting jewelry from the Andean Collection. Actresses Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep are two of many celebs sporting bracelets from Same Sky, another featured collection on SFAC. And, SFAC’s artisan groups’ crafts have been featured in popular magazines including: People and O Magazine.

“Seeing all the beauty of that country coupled with the despair and hardship made me realize how, if it wasn’t for an accident of birth” it could have been me,” – Stacey Horowitz, Founder of Shopping For a Change

The Woman Behind The Change

The unique upstart digital business platform/model is the brainchild of San Mateo’s Stacey Horowitz, who developed Shopping for a Change after having an epiphany while anticipating her upcoming 50th birthday. Contemplating how she was going to leave this world a better place than when she arrived, three key events during her 50th year were instrumental game changers in her life that would turn her contemplation into action, benefiting the life of others around the globe. A middle school philanthropic project, a trip to Galapagos Islands and Peru, and the realization of “seeing all the beauty of that country coupled with the despair and hardship made me realize how, if it wasn’t for an accident of birth” it could have been me,” says Horowitz.

A year and a half later, Shopping for a Change was born with the motto: empowering others, transforming lives®. Launching its website in September 2010, SFAC serves as a digital community where artisans, consumers and charitable organizations have a symbiotic relationship following fair trade principles. Doing good, feeling good and looking good in one fell swoop, this web-based site should be on everyone’s shopping list!

Shopping for a Change® (SFAC) empowering others, transforming lives® is a web-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization where artisans (predominantly women) from developing countries, sell their handmade creations enabling them to earn a sustainable income and lift themselves from poverty. The net proceeds subsidize community improvement projects abroad as well as help fund select U.S.-based non-profit organizations of the web shopper’s choosing from SFAC’s partner list.

Ethical Fashion for Today’s Consumer
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