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MycroMat Inventor Plays Show & Tell with QVC’s Gabrielle Kerr

MycroMat Inventor Aaron Hechtman Chats with QVC’s Gabrielle Kerr

Click the above title to watch the video (below the price and image) to learn how simple it is to use Aaron’s multi-use silicone kitchen gadget — MycroMat.  Quickly, it will become your new kitchen best friend.

MycroMat muti-use silicone kitchen gadget

Young inventor Aaron Hechtman of  MycroMat chats it up and plays show and tell with QVC Kitchen Idea host Gabrielle Kerr earlier this morning. Get your ‪#MycroMats‬ while theyare hot and in stock!!!!

MycroMat multi-use kitchen tool functions as an oven mitt, trivet and jar opener all-in-one.  Consumers can eliminate those old-fashioned oven mitts as this 21st century kitchen gadget helps handle hot bakeware out of the oven or microwave.  ‘Grab it, Glide it and Slide it’ is the MycroMat slogan. Simple and easy to use, the silicone kitchen mat is the perfect microwave cooking helper when preparing a bowl of soup, Ramen noodles, chili and more.  The silicone center serves as a bottle/jar opener,  and the entire mat can be placed underneath a cutting board for no-slip security. Currently sold exclusively at for $19.92 for a set of two, MycroMat comes in 3 colors, pink, blue or black.

A kitchen’s dream, MycroMat is a must-have item for the college-bound back to school crowd, foodies, chefs, moms, football fans, working parents, firefighters, military personnel and more. Whether preparing chili for that tailgate party, popping soup in the microwave before rushing to class or heating up a meal for the kids before going to the office, no one will ever have to worry about burning their hands again. Or, getting freshly heated food dipped onto the oven mitt risking cross-contamination. As frequent microwave users who may need to grab food quickly and go in a moment’s notice, firefighters love using MycroMat.

By Abbe Sparks

Abbe Sparks is the Founder of Abbe Sparks Media Group & Socially Sparked News. A social entrepreneur, she is a social media and content influencer who has been covering the entertainment, music, tech and advocacy sectors for over 25 years. A member of US Press Association, she has written for many online and print publications including the UK's Blues Matters Magazine, Big City Rythm & Blues & her former column 'Abbe's Sparks' for RFPalooza. You can also find her stories on Medium & Tumbler. Twitter: @asparks01

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