See the Film Jens Jensen The Living Green

Jens Jensen The Living Green

When it comes to films, books, theater shows, etc. about famed artists from our history, I have to say that I’m more than partial. I had the pleasure of walking a few blocks from my house last night to see a screening of the documentary Jens Jensen The Living Green in an actual Jens Jensen park in Ravinia, IL.  The film, directed and produced by Carey Lundin, takes us on a beautifully directed historical and informational journey of famed landscape architect Jens Jensen’s life.

When my children were in grade school, I volunteered to be the “picture lady” for their classes. A “picture lady” is someone who educated the school children about art and master artists through a slide show and art project.  Since my kids went to a landmark school designed by Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice, architect John Van Bergen with the landscaping designed by Jens Jensen, I had the opportunity to discuss Jens Jensen with the class.

As a New York transplant, whose roots are now in both cities, Chicagoland and New York, I can honestly admit that until I moved to Chicago, I had never heard of Jens Jensen.  After viewing the masterfully crafted and documented film last night, I learned so much more about this extraordinary man.  It makes me wish I had a green thumb.

Go see this documentary! It’s a must.


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